Catch risky PRs before merging

After connecting Shepherdly to GitHub, all PR updates will be scored. This allows engineers to focus remediation efforts on only a subset of changes that need it most.


By targeting remediation, you can catch bugs before they go out and bring the impact of bugs to nearly zero


It’s time to have world-class observability on risk before we ship

Developers have exceptional observability tools for production monitoring, but nothing to alert them if a risky code change is about to be merged.

Modern software development is missing an objective risk analysis check that saves developers precious time. Shepherdly makes this easy.


Shepherdly works on any language

Shepherdly trains a predictive model on your historical bug fix data to uncover the patterns that lead to bugs occurring in production.

Research driven

Derived from academic and company research spanning thousands
of papers from Computer Scientists and practitioners.

Code Reviews Do Not Find Bugs

Better Effort-Aware Just-ln- Time Defect Prediction

Implementations Through a Developer-informed Oracle

Let's get started

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